Trang chủ Thư cảm ơn Tôi thấy mình là một học viên may mắn khi được học thầy

Tôi thấy mình là một học viên may mắn khi được học thầy

Dearest Steven,

Thank you very much for everything you taught me when I attended your financial accounting class (F3 class) arranged by Vietsourcing in last time.

You not just only taught me these lessons in F3 book’s scope but also provided more other valuable accounting knowledge from your real working experience in order to give me a picture of accounting. You always made every lesson very understandable, more memorable, and the most important thing was that you inspired me to pursue the studying to develop my career as accountant that I never realized I enjoyed until your class. Financial accounting class is my favorite class!

I am moved and fired by your great accounting knowledge, enthusiasm, good teaching skill, and most important, you really have a “TÂM” word in your teaching career. You are ready to answer any questions from your students until we understand all lessons clearly even if it exceed your teaching time. (I was really attracted by this action)

I felt that I was a lucky student when I met a wonderful teacher like you, Steven, honestly.

I am looking forward to meeting you again at F7 course (Financial Reporting Course) in next time at Vietsourcing.

Finally, I expect that the happiest things always happen to both your life and your career, Steven, my dear teacher!